BMW i3| More Electric

The 2017 i3 is going the distance when it comes to innovative hybrid technology, and this compact hatchback is changing the game for a fuel-efficient commute. With a fair market price set just under $45k, the i3 receives an estimated 137 EPA MPG city and 111 EPA MPG highway miles. This year’s model also upgraded to a tank that holds 25 percent more fuel, making it 2.4 gallons compared to 1.9 gallons in previous models. The i3 however, still uses a two-cylinder range-extending engine.
     New additions for the 2017 i3 is a standard 33 kWh battery that increases the range from 81 miles to 114 miles, making for longer trips and extended periods of driving. The i3 requires an EPA-estimated 27kWh for making it over a range of 100 miles, which is outstanding compared to the Tesla S, which requires 34-38 kWh per 100 miles.  The i3 however, spends a slightly longer amount of time charging. Using a level 2 charger takes around 4.5 hours to reach a full level, which is an hour longer than the previous model, however with greater distance, comes a longer charge time.
     Other factors aside from the electrical components that go into making the i3 a reliable vehicle is its carbon fiber construction and plush interior. The inside gives the sustainable feel with a eucalyptus wood trim or the option for a darker shade of wood with the oak trim. Both trims fashionably stunning and an added touch with a natural earthy feel to your daily commute.
     Hybrid vehicles are slowly taking over the roads and if you’ve been considering making the transition, the BMW i3 is a fantastic choice for reliability and going the distance. The i3 is the perfect car for a quiet commute and less time spent at the gas pump. You’ll absolutely drive with a peace of mind knowing you are making a difference.
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